Bespoke & Gem Quality

We are experienced in creating customized jewellery for women and for men whether it’s for daily wear to sparkle in the evening, a special occasion, engagement, wedding or wedding anniversary or to celebrate life and love.
The role of the bespoke jewellery designer is to understand what the client wants and then create it. We must first become familiar with your style, tastes, and preferences so that we can advise on the detail of your initial idea or to help you form that idea in the first place. 
   We will arrange a consultation with you by appointment or telephone to discuss what you are looking for, the person the jewellery is for and your budget with whether your favourite stone or metal.
Once you are happy with the design and upon payment of an 50% deposit, we will start creating your jewellery. The remaining 50% of the cost is to be paid just prior to shipping.  Please allow 3- 8 weeks for your jewellery to reach you.
       Worldwide shipping included insurance.
About our diamonds & Gem Quality
 JustLise uses Conflict Free Diamonds and supplies the certificate of the diamonds.
The Certificate of laboratory GIA, HRD and others can be provide from 0.38 carat per a single stone.
GIA Diamond Certificate (The Best) 
Small diamonds don’t need to be Certificated.
4C's: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat The relationship between these four characteristics determines the value of a diamond, and have a much greater impact on the appearance of a diamonds.
Our Gem Quality
 The quality of cut of the stone is also important.  In general, the more precise the cut of each facet the brighter the stone will appear.